Updating your membership

To change your membership account from individual to institutional (bundle membership), which allows for membership to be managed under one primary institutional contact, aka "Bundle Administrator", and charged under a single membership fee, please contact the Membership Chair.

If the previous Bundle Administrator is no longer with your institution, you need help changing your Bundle Administrator, and/or you need an individual member or contact added to your bundle membership, please contact the Membership Chair.

NOTE: You must be a Bundle Administrator for your institution to add members to your institutional membership, aka bundle membership. If you're not sure who the Bundle Administrator is and/or would like to request to be the designated Bundle Administrator for your institution, please contact the Membership Chair.

To add a new member to your bundle membership:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on your name located at the top right of your screen next to "Change password" and "Log out". This should take you to your membership profile.
  3. Within the Bundle summary section of your Profile page, click the Add member button and complete the membership application form on behalf of the person you want to add as a bundle member.
  4. Click Save when done. The new bundle member's record will appear, and they will receive a member activation email.
To remove a member from your membership, please contact the Membership Chair.

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